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Rely on Ace Gas Heater Service when you need experienced, certified professionals for gas cooktop and oven installation in Sydney. Although you may feel tempted to save money by installing your oven or cooktop on your own, we can tell you several reasons why you should hire a professional gas-oven-installation plumber. Consider the following dangers of do-it-yourself installation:

  1. Fire Hazards

Gas is an excellent source of energy because it is so combustible. Unfortunately, that means it only takes a minor mishap with gas cooktop and oven installation in Sydney to leave your property vulnerable to a fire or explosion. A gas-oven-installation plumber knows the proper safety guidelines to follow for your installation to keep you safe.

  1. Potential for Poisoning

A small connection issue or gas leak can lead to a potentially fatal situation when it comes to gas oven installation. Gas that does not burn off properly can turn into carbon monoxide: a colourless, odourless gas. An inexperienced installer can easily overlook a leak and not notice exposure to carbon monoxide. With prolonged exposure over a certain level, carbon monoxide can lead to headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and, in some cases, death.

  1. Insurance Hassles

If you choose not to hire a gas-oven-installation plumber, you risk having to pay for repair costs out of your own pocket. Your insurance provider could dispute claims for damage to your property for improperly installed gas appliances and lines.

  1. Warranty Considerations

Many people do not consider their warranty when they decide to do a gas-oven installation on their own, but they should. Gas ovens are not cheap, and the cost to replace defective components only increases the expense. Though people will look to warranties to cover some or all of that cost, they may not know that do-it-yourself gas-oven installation will likely void their warranty. That means all repair costs will come out of pocket.

There are many do-it-yourself projects for you to tackle at home, but in the case of gas cooktop and oven installation in Sydney, you should hire professionals. Call Ace Gas Heater Service at 1300 123 616 to make sure your gas oven installation is safe and keeps you protected under insurance and warranties.

Gas Cooktop Installation Near Me

If you searched for “gas cooktop installation near me,” then count on Ace Gas Heater Service for affordable and expert services. Our professional gas fitters can easily handle your gas cooktop and oven installation in Sydney.

We also provide gas commissioning to ensure that your new gas oven installation went as planned and your appliance works properly. It is important to rely on certified specialists to handle your gas work to avoid problems with leaks that can cause health hazards, property damage, and structure fires.

Did you know that hiring a professional gas-oven-installation plumber can also increase the resale value of your home? Many real estate shoppers check to see if certified professionals have handled gas appliances and lines to ensure the safety of their investment. As a result, properties that professional gas-fitters certify as safe are likely to bring more value than do-it-yourself gas work.

Contact Ace Gas Heater Service today at 1300 123 616 to get a great price on professional gas oven installation that will provide value to your property and increase your safety.



Gas Oven Installation Plumber

Be sure not to get scammed by discount gas-oven-installation services. Their workers do not have the required training and certification to be professional gas-oven-installation plumbers. Avoid the pitfalls of unskilled labourers by contacting Ace Gas Heater Service at 1300 123 616. All of our certified plumbers can provide you with safe gas cooktop and oven installation in Sydney.

You may wonder if investing in a gas-oven-installation plumber is worth it. However, there are many advantages of working with a professional for this type of job. Consider these benefits before attempting to do the work yourself:

  • A certified specialist can assess your current gas system and make sure it can handle additional work that your gas oven installation creates.
  • If your current system is lacking, a pro can make changes to your gas system to manage the increased workload.
  • A well-trained technician can reroute gas piping to suit your needs.
  • Professionals also make sure that installation of new gas piping meets required safety specifications.
  • A professional gas-oven-installation plumber also knows how to make extensions from your old gas equipment to your new appliance.
  • A pro can also make necessary repairs on leaks or damage to your current gas system while hooking up your new gas oven.

Make sure to get a knowledgeable professional with all the right tools to keep your gas system compliant with local codes and regulations. That is why you need Ace Gas Heater Service for your gas cooktop and oven installation in Sydney. When you work with Ace Gas Heater Service, you can feel confident that you are getting a gas-oven-installation plumber who will keep your family and your property safe.



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Contact Ace Gas Heater Service to work with a licensed and certified gas-oven-installation plumber with affordable rates near you. Call us at 1300 123 616 today for a free estimate or to answer questions about your gas cooktop and oven installation in Sydney.


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Ahmed was very professional and I could not be more happier with his service. He was very thorough with great attention to detail. Thank you all very much for a great experience. Vince

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Great service, very professional and efficient. They break down the costs of the service before carrying out any work so you know exactly what everything’s priced at. Highly recommended plumbing service. Would use again.

Annette Forde
Investigation is carried before the options are being given with price quote. So you know how much you're going to pay for the work beforehand. Also, the price is reasonable. And Solomon did a good and thorough job fixing my plumbing issue. Highly recommended.
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