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The hazards involved with connecting and disconnecting gas lines make hiring a professional like Ace Gas Heater Service a wise choice for your gas fitting in Sydney. Consider that many things can go wrong without the oversight of a certified, experienced professional working on your gas lines.

If you attempt a do-it-yourself gas fitting in Sydney, you open up your property to the following risks that come with gas:

  1. Insurance coverage issues

If you make a mistake, your insurance provider could dispute payment for any damage to your home that results because work a certified pro did not complete your work. That leaves you responsible for repair costs out of your own pocket.

  1. Problems reselling your property

Home buyers might turn a sceptical eye toward your property if you cannot prove that a professional handled all gas work. This could mean that you do not get the full value for your home.

  1. Fire risk

Gas is such an excellent energy source because it is extremely combustible and explosive. However, that also means that any error on a gas fitting in Sydney could create a gas leak that could easily ignite and cause a fire or explosion.

  1. Poisoning risk

An improper gas fitting in Sydney could potentially leave your property vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide forms when gas does not burn completely. Any fitting mistake or improper ventilation puts you at risk of severe illness or even death from poisonous, odourless gas.

Let the licensed professionals at Ace Gas Heater Service protect you from the risks associated with gas. Give us a call at 1300 123 616  today to get an experienced gas fitter to work on your gas lines.

Gas Fitting Plumber

You may wonder exactly what a professional gas-fitting plumber does. Most people naturally think of plumbers when it comes to hooking up or servicing water or sewer lines. However, a gas fitter also repairs, extends, or installs gas lines to different appliances around a home. Ace Gas Heater Service can work on your gas fitting in Sydney on any of the following:

  • Water heaters
  • HVAC systems
  • Clothes dryers
  • Outdoor barbies
  • Cooktops
  • Hot tubs
  • Fireplaces

Contact us at Ace Gas Heater Service now at 1300 123 616 so that our experienced and certified gas fitters can install or maintain gas lines to your appliances. 

Expert Gas Plumbing

You will learn many reasons to rely on an expert gas-plumbing provider for your gas fitting in Sydney. After all, millions of Australians rely on gas because it’s economical and environmentally-friendly compared to electricity.

Due to the inherent dangers that come with using gas, it is essential to call an expert like Ace Gas Heater Service to install or maintain your gas lines. There will be times when you may feel unsure whether you need to call for expert gas plumbing. However, you should contact us if you encounter any of the following:

  1. Visual defects, odd odours, or suspicious noises

If you notice wet areas with bubbling, your property likely has a gas leak. Other signs of gas leaks to watch out for include: deteriorating vegetation outside, an odour of rotten eggs, dust particles lying on the ground near the gas line installation, or a hissing sound coming from a gas line.

  1. Changes to flames

Your gas system may contain a leak or blockage if it has low pressure or the flame is lower than usual. Leaks can also lead to no flame being present at all. Also, a cooktop that has a different colour than usual or looks dirty is a sign of a problem that requires maintenance.

  1. Problems controlling gas supply

You need to call for expert gas plumbing services immediately if you cannot shut off your gas supply. The shut-off function to the gas supply is a safety feature in case of emergencies. If you can no longer control gas flow, that safety feature is clearly malfunctioning and requires urgent repair.

Noticeable damage, leaks, and malfunctioning safety features require expert work from gas fitters with the experience to service those issues. Count on Ace Gas Heater Service when you need expert gas plumbing.

Master Gas Fitter

Beware of discount plumbing and gas fitting in Sydney. Becoming a master gas fitter requires specific training and certification requirements that not all providers go through.

You can trust Ace Gas Heater Service when you need a master gas fitter. We provide trained and certified master gas fitters to perform a wide variety of services to install, extend, and maintain your gas lines. Call us at 1300 123 616 whenever you need any of the following:

  • Installation of a gas appliance
  • Conversion of a gas appliance
  • Repairs and maintenance to a gas appliance
  • Installation of a gas bottle, changeover valves, regulators, gas lines, and pigtails
  • Gas flue-pipe installation and maintenance
  • Adjustments to gas pressure
  • Gas-detection system installation
  • Testing and repairs for gas leaks

Installation, maintenance, and repairs of your gas lines and appliances require a master gas fitter. Therefore, stay safe, avoid trying to work on gas issues yourself, and make sure you hire a certified professional like a member of our team at Ace Gas Heater Service.


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Give us at Ace Gas Heater Service a call at 1300 123 616 when you need gas fitting in Sydney. We are a trusted, certified master gas fitter that can handle all your gas-plumbing needs. Call for a free estimate.


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Gas Fitting Plumber

The hazards involved with connecting and disconnecting gas lines make hiring a professional like Ace Gas Heater Service a wise choice for your gas fitting


Ahmed was very professional and I could not be more happier with his service. He was very thorough with great attention to detail. Thank you all very much for a great experience. Vince

Vince De Marchis
Great service, very professional and efficient. They break down the costs of the service before carrying out any work so you know exactly what everything’s priced at. Highly recommended plumbing service. Would use again.

Annette Forde
Investigation is carried before the options are being given with price quote. So you know how much you're going to pay for the work beforehand. Also, the price is reasonable. And Solomon did a good and thorough job fixing my plumbing issue. Highly recommended.
Toni Chandra

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