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Paloma gas heaters are an excellent investment for your home. They are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and warm up large rooms instantly. These flueless gas heaters come with convenient features such as an automatic thermostat, remote control, dual timers, and economy mode.

The outside of the unit remains cool while running, making them kid and pet friendly. The gas flow automatically shuts off if the heater gets accidentally knocked over. You can even set a child lock function that prevents children from operating the heater.

Paloma heaters are safe and built to last, but only if you treat them right and service them regularly. Knowing who to call when you run into problems is an essential part of owning a Paloma gas heater in Sydney.

Paloma Gas Heater Service Near Me

Ace Gas Heater Service has years of experience providing exceptional Paloma gas heater service in Sydney. We understand that you want the most out of your heating system, especially during colder winter months. Our licensed professionals provide Paloma gas heater installations, repairs, and servicing 24/7 in the Sydney area.

Give us a call if you are having trouble with your Paloma gas heater. Our technicians will come to you right away, assess your heating issues, and make your home comfortable again.

Paloma Gas Heater Installation

During the winter in Sydney, you don’t want to get stuck without a quality gas heater you can trust. Ace Gas Heater Service can help you choose the Paloma gas heater that’s right for your household. There are three models of Paloma gas heaters to choose from: PJC-15FR, PJC-18FR, and PJC-25FR. Each unit has unique features that may suit your needs better than the others.

We offer fast, reliable Paloma gas heater installation. Our team will install your new Paloma gas heater per the manufacturer’s guidelines, ensuring proper functionality and safety. These portable heaters are for homes with open floor plans, so it is not safe to install them in a bedroom or bathroom.

We also provide Rinnai gas heater installation. Rinnai offers a wide variety of portable gas heaters that are also economical and energy-efficient. Contact us today to find out which heater is right for you.

Paloma Gas Heater Repair

Gas is extremely hazardous. If there is a leak you are unaware of, it can cause serious health problems and even fatalities. Tampering with appliances you are unfamiliar with may also void your warranty, leading to higher repair bills later on.

That’s why you should never try to repair a Paloma gas heater on your own. You should also never hire someone unqualified and unlicensed to work on a Paloma heater.

Often, a Paloma gas heating system may require pipework. Our highly-skilled technicians use state-of-the-art technology to reline gas pipes. Ace Gas Heater Service has relined many types of piping throughout Sydney. The pipe relining is completed as quickly, with little or no disturbance to you and your property.

We are familiar with working on all kinds of pipes, including copper, steel, brass, plastic, and reinforced concrete. If you have a damaged pipeline, Ace Gas Heater Service’s licensed gas fitters will repair it quickly with a simple epoxy application. We will replace your piping if it is beyond repair. 

Ace Gas Heater Service specializes in Paloma gas heater repair. With our years of experience dealing with commercial and residential heating systems, no job is too big or small for us.

Paloma Gas Heater Servicing

Paloma gas heater service is required every one to two years. If it’s been longer than that, contact Ace Gas Heater Service today so our team can inspect your heating system.

Having your Paloma gas heater inspected regularly will maximize the efficiency and safety of the heater. Proper maintenance ensures there are no gas or carbon monoxide leaks and reduces the risk of fire. Inspections also help you save on costly repairs and extend the life of the heater.

Signs Your Gas Heater Needs Immediate Service

  • There is brown or yellowish soot around the unit
  • There is an unpleasant smell coming from the unit
  • The pilot light keeps blowing out
  • The heater produces a yellow or red flame

Routine Services We Perform

  • Check gas pressure
  • Check operation of fans
  • Clean the components
  • Inspect the hoses and connectors
  • Test for carbon monoxide/gas leaks
  • Repair minor issues before they get worse
  • Assess the overall condition of the heater

We use the latest technology to certify your Paloma gas heater is safe and operating smoothly. Additionally, having us service your gas heater will save you money on your energy bill.

Do not wait to service your Paloma gas heater. Contact Ace Gas Heater Service immediately if you smell gas and turn off the gas at the source if you can safely do so.

Please call us today at 1300 123 616 if you need Paloma gas heater service, repairs, or installation in Sydney. We also proudly service other brands of gas heaters, including Rinnai, Everdure, and more.


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