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If you suspect you have gas leakage on your property, call 1300 123 616 and talk to the experts at Ace Gas Heater Service!

Gas lines are both efficient and effective in operating household appliances, heating household water, and keeping your family warm and comfortable throughout the year. However, a natural gas leak in your home or business can be hazardous and even life-threatening if you do not detect and repair it.

If you smell gas on your property, be sure to call the experts at Ace Gas Heater Service for fast and reliable service and repair. (You will want to turn off all gas appliances, ventilate the area and exit the house until we arrive to be safe in case of emergency.)

Natural-Gas Leak Detector

Gas lines and appliances require regular maintenance to function safely and effectively. A network of pipelines transports natural gas from its source to your home. The public utility companies manage them up to the home connection. Normal wear and tear, weather, and environmental factors can cause gas pipes to corrode, crack or break. Keeping this in mind, it is wise to have the gas lines on your property inspected regularly.

Because of its volatile and combustible nature, only qualified professionals should handle natural gas. Your utility company can only determine if there is a leak and shut off your gas if they deem it necessary. Utility companies do not provide diagnostic or repair services.



Expert Gas-Leak-Detection Plumbers

Fortunately, at Ace Gas Heater Service, we are a team of licensed plumbers and technicians well-versed in the uniform plumbing codes and procedures. Our experts will handle your gas leak repair safely and efficiently. If you are concerned about a natural gas leak on your property, be sure to call the experts at Ace Gas Heater Service. One of our leak-detection specialists will arrive quickly to assess the situation and offer fast and reliable repair or replacement options.

Detecting gas leakage

One less-obvious sign that gas may be escaping in your home is a higher gas bill than average, with no known reason. If you suspect that this is the case, try the following steps:

  • Take a reading of your gas meter before going to bed.
  • Switch off all your home appliances, including those with a pilot light (e.g., water heaters).
  • Recheck the meter when you get up the next morning.
  • If the meter reading shows an increase from the night before, this is a strong indication that you have a gas leak somewhere on the premises. 

However, the most obvious indicators of gas leakage include:

  • An unpleasant odour, similar to rotten eggs or sulphur
  • A distinct hissing sound coming from your gas appliances
  • Dead grass or plants near the gas line in your yard
  • Limited hot water supply
  • The pilot light extinguishes frequently
  • Nausea, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, or difficulty breathing

In addition to damaging your home and property, gas leaks can be life-threatening to you and your loved ones! The first step is to ensure that you and your family are safely away from the gas leak and then contact the professionals at Ace Gas Heater Service by calling 1300 123 616. We have experts standing by 24/7 who have extensive experience working with natural gas and the know-how to detect and repair leaks.

What to do if you smell gas on your property

In addition to contacting the skilled professionals at Ace Gas Heater Service, it is imperative to do the following:

  • Turn off your gas supply/connection. If you don’t know where your meter is, contact your gas supply company for that information.
  • Turn off all gas appliances in your home, including gas cooking appliances and water heaters.
  • Open up all doors and windows to allow the gas to dissipate.
  • Refrain from lighting matches, cigarette lighters, or creating any type of spark or flame that could ignite the gas. Natural gas is extremely combustible!
  • Do not turn on any electronic appliances connected to switches or outlets.
  • Leave the property immediately and shelter in a place where the smell of gas is not present.
  • Do not return to your home or property until the inspection of your gas lines is complete.

Gas-Leak Detection and Repair

Making your property safe again is our number one priority. Ace Gas Heater Service employs a wide range of non-invasive gas-leak-detection-methods to locate the leak, no matter how small. Our technicians will identify the issue and go over repair options with you. We will discuss pricing in advance of any repairs to allow you to make decisions based on your budget.

Once the repair plan has met your approval, one of our qualified, licensed technicians will complete the necessary repairs and get your gas turned back on as quickly as possible.

24/7 Emergency Gas-Leak-Detection Services

Remember, if you have a gas leak on your property, your health and safety are at risk. Ace Gas Heater Service has licensed specialists available 24/7. Call us at 1300 123 616 for fast and efficient service and repair. At Ace Gas Heater Service, we are here to help you and your loved ones stay safe.


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Ahmed was very professional and I could not be more happier with his service. He was very thorough with great attention to detail. Thank you all very much for a great experience. Vince

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Great service, very professional and efficient. They break down the costs of the service before carrying out any work so you know exactly what everything’s priced at. Highly recommended plumbing service. Would use again.

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Investigation is carried before the options are being given with price quote. So you know how much you're going to pay for the work beforehand. Also, the price is reasonable. And Solomon did a good and thorough job fixing my plumbing issue. Highly recommended.
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